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Architectural Designing Company
ArchioViz was founded in 2006 by a group of architects and designers who saw the need for change in the sphere of architectural rendering. The existing options brought results but were inconvenient. CGI services required waiting forever for the project even to start, often lead to missed deadlines, and overall the collaboration was hard. The founders decided it was high time to change and committed to creating new CGI solutions.

At ArchioViz, we help you by offering an excellent architectural design and rendering services such as architectural 3D rendering, interactive visualizations, and walkthroughs. For a better understanding of interior and exterior design, we build architectural 3D models using drafts, elevations and then later out experts add the textures, materials around the model to create the live 3D environment. We are working with builders, real estate developers, retailers, architects and general contractors to deliver high quality architectural 3D visualization and rendering service.

We provide Photorealistic Architectural Renderings that add value to your Real Estate Marketing.


3D exterior renderings has become a vital part when it comes to the promotion of a business, hotel or real estate project. Our exterior visuals have unique the way of expressing architectural designs. We use various techniques, considering the different needs of each client, in order to provide them, the right kind of 3D visual.


Interior rendering is an important design tool. It is predominantly used at the presentation and marketing stage of a project. Our interior rendering service produces high-end photo like interior 3D renders that give an accurate representation of a space or building interior.


Our Company helps customers to easily visualize their dreams in the design of their home and shop properties in 3d through our 3D Floor Plans. ArchioViz can transform your architect’s straight lines into floor plans of top quality visualizations.

Sultan Mahmud
Sultan Mahmud